OmniMeat Steamed Rice with Preserved Vegetables Served with Sweet Soy Sauce

Time: ≤60mins Veg. Cat.: Vegan Cooking: Steam Category: Homey Dish Servings: 1 Author: Rita Shum




Sweet preserved vegetables

As appropriate

Spring onion (Diced)

As appropriate

White rice

1 ½ cup

Marinade Sauce


To taste

Light soy sauce

To taste

Ginger juice

As appropriate

Oil - drizzle


Sweet Soy Sauce

Dark soy sauce

3 tbsp

Light soy sauce

1 tbsp

Spring onion

2 bunches


2 slices


About 1 tbsp


½ bowl


Step 1

Defrost OmniMeat, add marinade sauce and mix well. Soaked sweet preserved vegetables into water until it is less salty.

Step 2

Add sugar and sweet preserved vegetables to a heated pan and fry until dried, then mix with OmniMeat.

Step 3

Place white rice into an earthen pot after washing and add hot water (less than 1 cm deep). Place it in a wok and steam for 10 minutes after water boils.

Step 4

Put OmniMeat on the rice and continue steaming for 6 more minutes.

Step 5

Sweet soy sauce: add 1 tbsp of oil in the wok, then fry the ginger and spring onion. Remove wok from heat and add light soy sauce, dark soy sauce and sugar. Boil with low heat, then add water. Remove from heat when the sauce thickens.

Step 6

Remove the rice from heat and pour sweet soy sauce on top. Sprinkle the diced spring onion on it and it is ready to serve.